To place an order, complete the check-out process and include the email address where an invoice can be sent. This will enable us to give you the best possible price for shipping charges by calculating it on how we can package your order and your zip code. We accept PayPal, Venmo, CashApp and Zelle. All shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail and is insured. If you prefer, we also have items listed on Etsy as well with the shipping already calculated into the Etsy price (please note ordering via our website will most likely give you a better total price). Prices on this website do not include shipping (this will be added to the invoice you will be sent). If you want a shipping estimate please use our Contact Us page, this is highly recommended if you are an international customer.

Most tumbler designs can be done as either a 15oz or a 20oz tumbler. If you see a design in one category but would prefer it in a different size, please use the Contact Us page to send me a request. If a design will not look right altered to a different size, I will be honest and tell you let you. I want you to be happy with your purchase and will not sell you something that would look distorted.

The drop down menu will take you to specific options.